Richard Harper’s love affair with riding bikes and photography is actually more recent than you would think.

He had always loved photography, but soon got bored with the endless “and on the count of three, say cheese!” he began thinking “how can I make photography more interesting?”He had always yearned for a motorcycle, intrigued by the lifestyle around motorcycles and the freedom owning a motorbike gives you, and in May 2015 Richard found himself the owner of motorcycle learners license. Armed with this prize he knew exactly what he wanted, A classic café racer,  a Triumph Thruxton!

Being his first motorcycle it took him a while to get used to riding, and once the basics had been sorted “Now, how can I combine both my passions?” he asked himself. After mastering balancing the bike, taking both hands off the bars and with a simple plastic Throttle stick he was then able to start experimenting at taking photos whilst riding. Remembering one rule; always keep one eye on the road ahead.

As time went on so did Richards confidence, hi speed photography, low angle shots, close cornering snaps, wide scenic photos Richard is continually pushing the boundaries of motorcycle photography, perfecting his craft, constantly taking photos that will both amaze and surprise all.

So if you happen to see a dude on a bike with a camera slung over his shoulder, racing down the freeway, yes its probably Richard.

My senses are most alive when riding and taking photos , this is the thrill I seek. untethered, focused and free.”


Richard HARPER


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